SRCO theatre

In the long history of our school, plays have been performed for some time. But it was Matthias Van de Brul who started with the SRCO theatre in 2012-2013 and he directed a beautiful play.

Every year there is a new director who organises the rehearsals, the auditions and of course the play. There is also a technical support group and a number of students who are in charge of making / finding the props and creating a fitting stage.   The students have the support of the teachers, but try to do everything themselves.  The actors are of all ages, from different classes, making the group of actor very diverse.

Every year the director writes a scenario based on a story or that he or she made up. Over the years there have been pirates, mafia and even fairy-tale characters. Every time the theme grows into a beautiful story with love, hate and humour.

The school itself is a big help in this project. They give the theatre group a place to rehearse and they provide the light and the sound, so the play is turned into a real live spectacle.